Singer/songwriter Fernando Antunnes releases his new single "Walk Ahead of the Sun". Powerful, vivid and loud, "Walk Ahead of the Sun" is a nostalgic nod to the 90's rock. It's a catchy and energetic tune that really shines at the end. The melodic and uplifting arrangements of this single creates an ultra-infectious, highly engaging listening experience.

"Walk Ahead of the Sun" is available to stream/download on all platforms.

"Slight theatrical vibe. The singer's voice has a cool little edge, a bit of hoarseness. Really cool build up in the middle of the song like a mini version of Beatles 'A Day in the Life'"
- Moth Select (US).

"Great energy! Such impressive vocals (...). Absolutely loved it!"
- Islington Radio. London (UK)

"The combination feels familiar and easy to enjoy. Antunnes writes with an accessible and comfortable energy. This is the perfect vibe for a coffeeshop or just a chill with friends playlist. Oh… and there's a guitar solo that is a guaranteed smile from listeners."
- Ear to the Ground (US)

Fernando Antunnes is an Italian-Brazilian singer, songwriter, guitarist, and record producer based in the UK. Growing up in Minas Gerais, Antunnes started his solo career in October 2019 by releasing his single "You Probably Know". It was a solid start since the song was very well received by the public, being featured in a lot of different playlists and articles.

Later on, Fernando released his new EP called "Along the Way" and it was another buzz for his career. The EP includes "When the Morning Comes" ft. the lo-fi artist Ricardo Schneider; and "Maybe this Song" - another big hit that caught a lot of attention from the fans.

Antunnes has released more than 12 singles, with two of them standing out: "Just Another Pawn" and "Walk Ahead of the Sun". These energetic and powerful alternative rock songs are one of the fans' favorites.

With a growing fan base, his songs have been played on radios in Brazil and in the UK - The HitMix 107.5 FM, Amazing Radio, Islington Radio. Covered by news articles and music blogs all over the world, Antunnes was selected as a featured artist by Amuse, being in the cover of "Selected by Amuse" in May 2022.

Fernando Antunnes is currently in the top 20% artists on Spotify (considering average monthly listeners).

Fernando's debut album is planned to be released in 2022




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